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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NO " :) " refill?

:) Amused by the irony, lol :D A big "NO REFILL" sign with a smiley face. I am going to boycott this deli for as long as I can, not because of the "no refill" issue, I didn't even get coffee there...but I went there to get a panini, asked the owner where the closest laundromat is, and he shrugged and said "no". What the...{ }? Come on...what's wrong with taking 10 seconds just to tell me that the laundromat's 2 blocks away.
But why not offer coffee refills? Not that anyone will be going back for that many refills of hot coffee... Even if they do, it costs maybe only about a dollar to make 4 cups of coffee, betul?

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