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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lady Gaga's Mickey Mouse pants :)

Lady Gaga's so entertaining :)
Yes, I'm way past the age of pop fandom, but I can't help but like her unusual sense of fashion (which sometimes crack me up) - the "transparent bubbles costume", yellow colour Mickey Mouse hot pants... (in her pseudo-film noir "Papparazzi" MTV)

My Mum  used to have a similar-looking pyjama

Lady Gaga's not a typical singer
not a typical songwriter
She's very upbeat - you can probably think of her as the "Salvador Dali" of the music industry
She studied Arts, and applied them  very well in her work (lyrics, music, costumes)

- she's the daughter of a wealthy Internet entrepreneur who decided to be independent & earned her own living by working as a song-writer/singer/stripper at NYC clubs - where she and her good pal Lady Starlight came up with some pretty good Revue Shows
(source: Wikipedia)

Black colour lips

When I first came across the MTV at McDonald's, I couldn't quite fathom why she'd have the bizzare "wheelchair" scenes, but after having watched it on YouTube, I finally understood the story behind the MTV.

The video began with some classic 1950s-60s film-noir montages...
To summarize, her boyfriend pushed her down from the balcony. She was hospitalised, but being a strong-willed & resillient person, she practised her dances even when she's wheelchair bound - and when she recovered, she took revenge on her bf - and was eventually arrested by the police



This is the "revenge" scene, where she wore the funny looking Mickey Mouse hot pants :)


Another picture of the Mickey Mouse costume...

A wheelchair-bound Lady Gaga practising her dance routine with a very "multicultural" group of dancers

What I like about the "Papparazzi" MTV is that it's very "motivational", in that it encourages us to "not give up easily"
- ie. , if  Lady Gaga can bounce back from being an invalid (due to hard work and determination), we can do the same too



  1. Hey Charmaine, i realised you like Lady Gaga eh! ;P
    How about you do a Lady Gaga makeover ;P

  2. She is just weird.

  3. I'm guessing that she's "pretending to be weird" - to get public attention...which is a smart thing to do. I wouldn't have been impressed if it's not because she has a good voice too

  4. very nice voice and...all people are weird, because every-body is different.