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Friday, September 25, 2009

Looks like shit,...but tastes like heaven :) (Spice of India, Atrium Food Court)

If you're looking for the challenge of eating Real authentic spicy food (and not the watered-down versions), look no further than Spice of India at the Atrium Food Court (located on Elliott St, near Smith and Caughey's).

I know it looks yuck
- like a bad case of diarrhoea
If you wonder why I'd even allow myself to go near that plate of gooey stuff, it's because the stall smelled really good - I could hardy resist the bewitching aroma of good Indian curry.

That's partly because Natasha tempted me with some chicken & dhal curry at lunch. The next day, I just had to have something spicy. When we have our next reunion, we'll probably coax our Wellingtonian wine connoisseur friend Michele into trying the vegetarian curries there. It will be fun to see her snort continuously...muahahahaha :)))


  1. look like nasi putih banjir with curry hahaha.

  2. lol :D honestly i hate indian food in all takeaways in aucks,

    if u really wanna try authentic indian food in aucks go to little india at kingsland on great north rd.

  3. You know, it's my favorite! I love Indian food and you are right about the aroma - it makes you want to eat it because how come something that smells so good be bad? :) At least I know on my travels that when in Auckland I can get good Indian food (and I did read Ashish's comment too!). Thanks!