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Friday, September 25, 2009

Who is Samantha Lim a.k.a. Datin Sam?;)

In the past few months, I have been bombarded with endless questions via Facebook about who Sam  is...so I guess it is easier to explain via a single blog posting :)

So, who's Samantha Lim?
Sam's my good friend & Fashion Guru
I was quite a nerd back then - totally clueless about fashion. Had it not been because Sam had given me an image overhaul 8 years ago, I'd have been wearing some pretty weird clothes to school - like, Ching Dynasty embroidered female underwear, matched with blue jeans jacket & black colour platfrom shoes *cringe* (serious) - except that they didn't look quite as fashionable as the pic below

(It does sound a bit over the top. But those who knew me since my college days would be able to confirm that I wasn't exaggerating about my past fashion crimes)

Pic: Traditional Ching Dynasty underwear

Sam  and I got to know each other back in our college days @ Taylor's
Our first conversation was in the toilet ;p hehe

Sam, Janice, Nicole & I were quite inseparable in our college days & we still meet up from time to time to relive the sweet moments that we had in school ;) - and we're planning to start a new  blog together pretty soon :))
- where we're going to share every single detail about our lives
(leisure, food, family, favourite activities, career advice, and of course good sex tips;p)


How did she get the name "Datin Sam"? ;)
Well, our good friend Janice aptly named her Datin due to her idyllic lifestyle - month-long vacations in Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, US, Korea etc etc, twice weekly manicure/pedicure sessions in Klang Valley, Sunway & Damansara every time she's back in Malaysia

What is "Datin"? What is "Datuk"?
The Malay language has a complex system of titles and honorifics, which are still used extensively in Malaysia and Brunei. Singapore, whose Malay royalty was abolished by the British colonial government in 1891, has adopted civic titles for its leaders.

Datuk is a federal title which has been conferred since 1965. It is limited to recipients of Panglima Jasa Negara (PJN), of which there may be up to 200 living at any one time, and Panglima Setia Diraja (PSD), of which there may be up to 200 living at any one time. The PJN and PSD rank 9th and 10th respectively in the rank of federal awards.

The wife of a federal Datuk is a Datin.
(Source: Wikipedia)


  1. I've seen her in Bangsar. She's wife of datuk Jeffrey

  2. Nope, wrong person:) Oops, I gotta clarify. Sam's not married yet. "Datin Sam" is actually a nickname given by our mischievous friend Janice

  3. Malay girls are hot

  4. Dad n Mum know you have a very good friend Samantha Lim now in Hong Kong but not sure about this Datin Samantha Lim because she look so much different like a film star...

  5. i still remember your platform shoes, reminds me of iron wahahaha!!!

  6. jANICE: thanks for the nickname haha~~
    Oh well, don't think i'll ever be Datin for real though...
    But yeah i'm living life now and loving it!! :)

    CHARMAINE: i'm gonna see you hope, i hope!

  7. And yes... i remember your Ching Dynasty inspired underwear you wore to college!!!! :P