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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Have you ever seen a "Public Handphone Charging Booth"?

This is totally new to me...
I remember having wished that there are such handphone charging booths, but I didn't see any when I really needed one
So, nowadays I make sure that my handphone batter have enough juice whenever I leave the house.
Saw this handphone charging booth in Parkson @ The Mall, Kuala Lumpur
(opposite Putra World Trade Centre- PWTC)
RM1.50 per use :)
pretty reasonable
Well, we do need more public handphone charging booths! :)


  1. RM 1.50 :O its FREE in India ;)

    even in NZ it cost $2, but sometimes it never works

  2. I first saw these about two years ago in the states at airports. They have many different adapters for the multitude of phones available internationally. I've never used one (mostly because I am anal and carry my own charging cords for US and international travel), but I think they are $1. Can't say I've seen them at other airports outside of the US, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. In Korea you can get your phone charged at 7-11 stores for 1000WON.

  3. Ashish: where did you spotted those hp charging booths?:) I didn't see any. well...none on Queen St... too bad they didn't work. otherwise, it would have been good. RM1.50 is approx...70 kiwi cents
    Mike: I wish there are more 7-11 outlets offering hp charging services.