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Monday, March 8, 2010

'Weird' Pumpkins are so 'common'...(no pun intended);p

It's not difficult to come across weird-looking pumpkins:) lol
In the past 6 months, I have seen at least 10 unsual pumpkin shapes
These are some of the beauties...
It looks a bit like a teapot
of course, those of you who are mischievous enough might notice the phallic extension ;p
... and this looks like...(it won't be appropriate for me to mention it here)
Flower-shaped pumpkin

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  1. hi charmaine,
    I think if you are with a man by now this is quite confusing. your food tastes rock and just because u sad pumpernickel bagels a fav we are on the same page with food. the only question is are we when it comes to wine?
    I am a wine importer and if you ever come to LA, CA I will take you on a food truck/food cart excursion sipping vino out of the trunk of my car,can't wait till your here;) jeffwelburn.com