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Monday, March 1, 2010

Boss, gimme a "Rava Telur Bawang Tosai/Dosa"

One endearing thing about Malaysia is that
- you can hear anyone calling just about anyone else a "boss" :)
At schools, teachers call the naughty students "Boss"
It's meant for sarcasm, of course :)
eg, "Boss, tolong senyap sikit" (Boss, please be quiet)

At corporate organisations, you might sometimes hear CEOs calling the security guard a "Boss"
- "Selamat pagi, boss"
In Malaysia, it's perceived as a gesture of humility

Take a walk at a morning market - you'll hear something like
"Boss, kasi satu kilo peha ayam"
"Boss, I'd like to buy 1 kilo of chicken thigh"

Guys also call their buddies "boss"
But, nowhere else will you hear the word "boss" as commonly used as when you're at a "mamak" (South Indian restaurant)
My favourite "mamak" dish is "Rava Telur Bawang Tosai"
-served with coconut chutney, dhal curry and chicken/lamb curry
It tastes a bit like savoury french crepes :)
- just spicier

What's a "Rava Telur Bawang Tosai"?
- well, it's an egg + onion + spices crepe :)

Gotta go, Boss :)


  1. Rava Dosa is not made from Egg, Rava means Semolina

  2. boss, it's a localised dosa :) u've gotta try it! very very yummy. It's made from rava + telur(egg) + bawang (onion)

  3. where did u have it?

  4. long list... Syed Bistro, Steven's Corner, Al Ehsan, Lotus, Shaaz... the best is at Syed Bistro :) they don't include it on the menu, but they do make this special tosai combo. u can ask for added 'masala' - stuffed inside the tosai

  5. boss:) hehe...if i know how to cook tosai/dosa, i'd have opened a 'mamak' in Auckland. well, you're the chef! I don't know anyone else who can make a capati from scratch

  6. No one calls me 'boss' at home!! I enjoy thosai but like them plain and eat them with the side dishes.