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Friday, February 26, 2010

Asian "caviar"? ;)

Every time I'm back in my hometown Kuala Lumpur, I'd hunt for Nasi Lemak
On this trip, I have found the perfect Nasi Lemak! :)
- and it's all because the chef made one lil' interesting twist to the traditional Malaysian dish.
It's served with "asian caviar"
Notice the small (but very pregnant) anchovy-like fish? :))
60% of its size is its own eggs :)
very fattening - but very very yum :)
it tastes somewhat like fried cheese + egg yolk
The "Asian Caviar Nasi Lemak" is served at U-Cafe @ Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur
Lot No. C025 (Fiesta Street)

What I like about it:)
- moist & piping-hot steamed coconut rice
- generous servings of sambal (sweet & spicy chilli paste)
- aromatic chicken "rendang"
(rendang's quite similar to curry - except that fresh spices & 4 types of ginger (kunyit, lengkuas, etc) are used instead of dried powdered spices)

When I passed by U-Cafe, I thought it offers mediocre stuff like Old Town White Coffee, PappaRich...but I was pleasantly surprised by the food quality :)
If you ever visit Kuala Lumpur, don't leave the city without trying the Asian Caviar Nasi Lemak!!! :)

I used to like Madam Kwan's nasi lemak... but over the years, I found that the quality has deteriorated
- the chicken are overcooked & tasteless
- too much liquid in the curry/rendang (bland)
- the portion has also shrunk

That's Nisha my gym-buddy back in Uni :)
We went to Madam Kwan's when she and her hubby had a honeymoon in Malaysia
Gal, if you're coming back again, we'll go to U-Cafe this time :)))


  1. holy shit, this looks SO yum! -> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Xie4M5ZZIew/S4d1Ntk4JPI/AAAAAAAACtg/WO-kyMPLMyo/s1600-h/asian%20caviar%20nasi%20lemak%20u%20cafe%20bukit%20bintang%20starhill%20kuala%20lumpur%20malaysia%20ikan%20bilis%20rendang%20chicken.jpg
    (wow, long URL)

  2. Pregnant? Looks like a sea monster. It's got eyes, mouth, and what used to be a snout. If we were little sea people it would eat us! Imagine, with a tiny tiny little voice going 'don't eat me, don't eat me!'... :P

  3. to be honest... I did kinda feel guilty eating the small fish:p but it's delicious!

  4. Girl, you make me hungryyyyyyyyyyyy. (in the office now) haha. Take care ;>>