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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quaint Japanese goods at Yaoko Marketplace, Narita Town

Flights between North America and Asia often involve a layover in Narita, Japan. Since the international airport at Narita (New Tokyo International Airport) is far from Tokyo and in a country that seems impossibly expensive, here are some ideas on what to do during your hours, days and perhaps night in Narita.
I spent most of my time exploring quiant Japanese goods at Yaoko Marketplace :)
I was given a free day-use room at Nikko Hotel.
The hotel provides free shuttle service to Narita town - where Yaoko is located
Yaoko Marketplace a great place for a bit of shopping & a bite to eat. There is a wide variety of prepared food and an area at the front called a cafe. The cafe has a microwave and free green tea.
Colourful cakes
My favourite: fresh scallop salad
Japanese scallops are quite unlike New Zealand scallops;p
Japanese scallops don't have a huge orange colour penis-like thingy

Plenty of fresh fruits
Light snacks

wide variety of rice crackers :)

Yes, we all know that it's meant for a 'home made cake'

Colourful mochis:-)

Info source: Mike Newman's Narita Layoyer Page
Mike Newman's Narita Layoyer Page is geared toward folks who intend to stay in the vicinity of the airport, including nearby Narita City - while waiting for the next flight.


  1. The food is so damn nice to look at. Horribly expensive. May fav is Japanese mochi, kekeke

  2. Weiiii... I dun wan the pics.. I wan the real stuff la. Bring back some, ok!!

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