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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sahaa: best African restaurant in Aus & NZ:)

Tucked inconspicuously in a line-up of ethnic eateries near the busy intersection of Khyber Pass and Broadway (Auckland, New Zealand) , this superb little restaurant is a real off-the-beaten-track, local haunt.
You don’t often come across quality Algerian, Morrocan and Tunisian flavours in New Zealand.

In fact, Sahaa is the only one of its kind on the whole North Island, something that makes its menu shine even brighter.

Naturally, tagines are the specialty here and the setting is positively North African exotic with a private, traditional low-seating area, a family dining room complete with Moroccan fountain, colourful pottery on the walls and dainty glass cups from which to sip your mint tea.
Chef-owner Makhlouf (Marco) Benyettou cooks dishes from his native Algeria as well as Morocco and as well as Morocco and Tunisia.

Benyettou’s wife Dianna undertook the waiting duties by herself; ranging around providing efficient and knowledgeable service in a low-key dining room with lemon-yellow walls, Moorish pendant lamps and a smattering of rugs.

Tagine dishes symbolise North African cuisine, and here at Sahaa they are brought to the table piping hot and placed on a decorative tile in front of you. The conical lid is then removed so you can eat from the cooking platter.

The lamb, apple and prune stew ($26) - the large dices of lamb were very tender, and the fruit contributed a heady sweet-savoury character.

This dish was what good restaurant food should be: sublime in its simplicity, yet the sort of thing that would be difficult to recreate at home.
Sahaa's wine list was small, made up of good value Australian and New Zealand whites and reds, selected to match the food.

However, an evening at Sahaa does not require spectacular flourishes. The low-key service, calm atmosphere and satisfying food invite you to relax and enjoy your food, wine and company.

More info: http://www.viewauckland.co.nz/restaurants/sahaa-review-57866.html

Prices: Entrées $10 - $24, mains $20 - $26.

475 Khyber Pass Road,
Tel: 09-523-4578
Fax: 09-523-4578
Email: sahaarestaurant@hotmail.com

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