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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Low-fat snacks @ Choice Bakery, Auckland

Ever wondered how Chinese girls manage to stay so slim (despite eating like horses)?
Well, they don't have super-high metabolic rates

The secret is in their choices of food..especially Taiwanese desserts, which are literally like 'diet food' - yummy, but almost fat-free
If you're in Auckland, good news:)
You can easily get those fat-free cakes at Choice Bakery outlets
The one that I normally go to is at Newmarket
The Japanese Cheese Cakes (no added butter)
are light, fluffy... :))
(ohh yumm, I'm in heaven - just thinking about it)
"Butter-less" cakes
Now, instead of having the usual pound cake, you eat 200-300 calories less per serving with these:-
These cakes have a higher protein content
(more egg whites used in the recipes, to compensate for the fat reduction)
Wife cakes aren't exactly my favourite...but I'm including the pics here just in case you might wanna see what they're like :)
and then tehre's something similar to the "wfie cake" except that there's "red bean paste" inside the pastry
not very healthy - it's just lots of sugar, oil, flour & boiled mashed red beans

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  1. I'll have to add those to my list of things I should eat, Taiwanese desserts and Japanese Cheese Cakes good, pies and fries bad.