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Thursday, February 11, 2010

CASHing in on ACADEMIC writing :)

Ever wondered how you can apply your Harvard referencing skills in the real world to make GOOD MONEY? ;)
For many years, academic writing has been deemed as irrelevant to the real world - the corporate environment.
But now :) internet has opened up an unlimited possibility for earning quick income ;)
Hence, academic writing has become the NEW lucrative income source - and a TAX-FREE one (for freelancers out there. if you're an ad company, of course you've gotta pay taxes;))
The biggest advertising channel out there is.... not Google, not Yahoo
but... WIKIPEDIA :)
Yes, Wikipedia
Companies YEARN for a place in WIKIPEDIA
but it's not easy to get into Wikipedia without a bit of clever manouvering ;)
Try posting any articles that are not up to par with the Wikipedia standard - it will be deleted instantly
yes, the voluntary moderators are merciless...

So, how do you post a Wikipedia article successfully?:)
You need to know the biggest loophole
not an impossible task...but requires a great deal of patience
But hey, if you're one of the 1% people out there who can write good Wikipedia articles...congratulations :)
you're providing a very very IN-DEMAND, very very NICHE service.

Less than 1% of the population has the determination/patience to read, write, summarise, edit and compile pages of Wikipedia articles

Good news - if you're a book geek ;)
If you're not, it's never too late to learn to be one
- and you should!
It's now time to re-read those uni books that you've abandoned for many years ;)
Good luck :)
Well, why am I sharing this precious info, knowing that I'll be having more competitors in the future?

1) Wikipedia's a big pie
there's a limit to the number of Wiki articles I can write in this lifetime :)
besides, I don't wanna be writing only Wiki articles ;p
(no matter how good the pie tastes...sometimes we need a bit of "variety" in life - abit of cheesecakes, a bit of ice-creams, waffles...)

2) If I don't share this info...some probloggers will figure this out someday, and attempt to sell e-books & seminars for this no-brainer piece of advice
(now if you're a pro-blogger & you're reading this, don't try to be a leech. Internet wealth should be shared by all. If I catch any of you trying to sell this idea in your 'expert books', BEWARE- i'll hunt you down :p - for the sake of potential Wikiwriters' welfare. So...Yaro Starak, John Chow...etc, be good boys, please. "Don't use this info for commercial purposes, I repeat". Does it make you feel happy when poor novice writers have to spend a fortune on your highly exaggerated materials? If you're earning as much as you claim to, why not do a bit of charity? Now if you wanna share this free-of-charge in any publication, you're most welcome to do so, but please be ethical & give credit to the source)

3) well, I can probably become a millionaire by running a Wikiartices company, but money's not my only motivation in life. I plan to take things easy once I reach 32 (that's in 6 years time)...find my soul mate, get married, and if I happen to have kids, maybe I should breast-feed for 2 years? No time for Wiki articles then...;p
I'll be filming some home videos with step-to-step guidelines on how to... ermm, breast feed ;p
and share the vids with all of you via Facebook & YouTube

*Licensed by Creative Commons* :PPPP