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Monday, February 1, 2010

Does size matter? What do women look for in bed?

Why am I writing this?
(1) The discourse of sexuality has long been dominated by men,
(2) Male-centric sexuality discourses (in the world of pornography) have always purported that "bigger is better"
(3) I understand that it is not easy being a guy, especially if you can't help thinking that girls prefer 'big' guys... and you're not that big.
But in reality, does size matter much to real girls?
I know that for a fact, and I would like to end the misery that many guys are facing
- the self-depreciating feeling that you're not as 'big' as that guy in the porn vid...

So, what do girls look for?
Well, NONE of my girlfriends go for size
neither do they need someone who's super athletic in bed
& many (surprisingly) many of my girlfriends are still virgins (late 20s, 30s)
It's not because they're against pre-marital sex
but because they're looking for that 'special connection'
...that warm fuzzy feeling :)
They have to be "in love" before they're in the mood for physical intimacy

What then do girls look for in a guy (& in bed)?
Well, they "generally" go for "substance" - personality/virtues
ie, would you still love her in the next 20, 30, 40 years of your life?
So, if you're a guy & you're ever worried about your size...stop worrying
because she's not looking for "big"

When girls are attracted to you (personality, etc - the whole package), they don't care if you're big or small or long or short or curved or straight.
Just like how you wouldn't care whether a girl's boobs are big or small or pointed or round, if you truly like her.
Okayyy.... :P
so what if you have a beautiful penis & you know it & you DON'T suffer from penis size-related inferiority?
Well, don't brag about it!
You wouldn't want a relationship that's built upon the ...errm size of your member
You want 'substance'
You want a future partner who'll still love you just as much even when you get older... & start facing age-related issues that you don't wish to think about right now... like ED...impotence...
(Sorry for being a party pooper :P)


  1. I like your blog. It's very diverse

  2. u have some interesting topics on ur blog heh

  3. Love at first then feeling comes second and lastly it strike back at the bed skills and size! The bigger you are the easier it pleases the girl!

    Little you didn't know that unsatisfactory SEX leads to UNHEALTHY relationship.

  4. Well it does matter to an extent but it is certainly not everything there is to good sex. That takes skill + technique as well as practice. Position also is important if a man has a rather short penis as the right position can compensate the lack of length.

    Having said that, bigger size definitely does not hurt when it comes to sex

  5. u have some interesting topics on ur blog heh

  6. I was browsing thru Cosmopolitan mag & found that most of the articles offer insights on how to please guys in bed. But where do guys get insights on how to attract women? I've read FHM & Maxim... but those stuff are written by guys who are equally clueless. They need some female writers, really

  7. haha so im guessin u would apply if there was an opening ;)

  8. haha...noo....I'm just writing about it because a lot of guys wanna know what girls like, but they're getting all the wrong info from magazines.

  9. Think you should take a look at this then if you are... inquiring about... insight. lol

  10. Dave Chapelle's a really good comedian:) *thumbs up* but he's a master of exaggeration. girls don't go for nice cars/big houses

  11. It for comedical effect. There is soooome truth to it but its more about laughing abt the stereotypes and not so much truth. Like black ppl liking chicken lol ;)

  12. Do guys even read magazines? I just read news and some engineering literature and papers, but only because I have to lol

    Especially most guys don’t read magazines to find out what girls like… or do they?:)

  13. I'll just briefly sum up the qualities that they look for - integrity, wisdom, honesty, loyalty... the size of a car/house is not important as long as he has a car. well, in NY, cars/house matter even less. Just use the subway & rent a place!:)

  14. Rent a place! In NYC? Nah, all you need is a boat and a bike.

  15. In the Hudson...where else! Unless you have a better suggestion?

  16. make a long bridge out of boats :) won't need to use the ferries then

  17. Great idea! I think NYPD and USCG may have a problem with it, though.

  18. I'll just tell them you're the one who stareted the 'boat ownership' campaign :p

  19. Thanks a lot! You gonna visit me in jail?

  20. oh no, you'll become Senator Chris Gruno:) for your efforts in solving the housing crisis

  21. Ohhh! So we're no longer talking about a bridge. We're talking about a condomaran or boatominium complex.