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Friday, February 26, 2010

How do u say "Karangahape" Road? (New Zealand)

In Maori language, the vowel 'a' is pronounced as 'aa'
- just like in Malay & Indonesian languages

Karangahape Road - a famous street in Auckland, New Zealand - is often mistakenly pronounces as "Kay-rang-gay-happy"
Over the years, Karangahape Road acquired a shorter name - K Road

But still :) heritage/history is important
and it's good to know the original name of K-road
So, here's the story about the famous road in Auckland city :)...
From about 1900 to the early 1960s Karangahape Road was Auckland's busiest shopping street with many clothing shops large and small along with several Department Stores. Most retail chain stores had branches on K Road, often in preference to Queen Street. During the interwar period most of Auckland's main shops selling furniture, musical instruments, radios and other household appliances were located here.

After 1965 K Road lost most of its local customer base when construction of the inner-city motorway system resulted in over 50,000 people having to move out of the surrounding areas.

The downturn in trade led to many shops closing and the relocating of businesses to other areas of Auckland. This accelerated the decline, and by the early 1970s the low rents meant it had acquired a rather seedy reputation as Auckland's red light district.

Since the early 1990s there has been a move away from this image due to newly constructed apartment blocks attracting residents back to the area, as well as a general gentrification of close-by areas like Ponsonby.

Nowadays only very few enterprises are connected with the adult industry.However, the 'Las Vegas' is thought to be New Zealand's oldest established strip club, and its nude 'Vegas Girl' sign has become somewhat iconic.
(Image source: Wikipedia)
Alongside the few remaining shops and venues catering to the sex trade, K Road currently boasts an eclectic collection of shops, cafés and art galleries. At night its restaurants, bars and nightclubs make it a major part of Auckland's social scene.

Yummy Indian snacks at Rasui Restaurant
K Road has become a centre for much of Auckland's bohemian scene, with many venues for alternative music and fringe art as well as the LGBT community. It is also home to many trendy Op shops.

K Road in Pop Culture

The song Verona by New Zealand rock band Elemeno P, from their album Love & Disrespect, refers to the cafe/restaurant/bar of the same name at 169 Karangahape Road.

The current Verona building dates from 1923 and gets its name from the Victorian house that previously occupied the site; Mrs Bishop's "Verona" Boarding House

Fo more info: http://www.kroad.com/


  1. My dad used to work at the George Courts department store, the building that Starbucks is in, on K' Road when I was born

  2. I didn't notice that there's a Starbucks outlet on K Road :) u know that bridge with a covered pathway? if it's repainted ti would look good - or if only some plants/trees are added to it

  3. real trees would be a lot better :) 'guerilla gardening' grape vine, bougainvillea...roses. there's even enough space for small trees - something like Parnell would be nice

  4. It's on the opposite side of the road from Rasui, the same building as the chinese health shop with lots of figurines in the window. Do you mean the road bridge where the bus stops? It is very basic, I think they could combine your ideas and paint trees and plants on it :).

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