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Saturday, December 19, 2009

5-star McDonald's outlet

The McDonald's on George St (Sydney) isn't like a typical fast food outlet. The deco is just way too "5-star"
Ahhh, I'm not complaining, though ;) hehe

But, having heard rumours about McD's "fake burger cheese", I was just a "little bit" worried that the chandeliers would break and land on my head

Absolutely loved the ambience
Somehow, the deco made me think of Phantom of the Opera

Comfy cushioned walls :)

Television screens :)

Free wi-fi :)

Oh, McD, even if you're indeed guilty of serving us fake orange-colour cheese all these years, I'd still love you for this beautiful 5-star outlet on George Street!:)

I know it sounds crazy, but I do think that the fake cheese taste good... ;p


  1. Not only McD serving fake color cheese all other fast foods do the same.
    So the best is not to eat fast foods.

  2. Glad to see that you are successful and enjoying yourself :-)

  3. The McEgg Muffins used to be my fav :) - nice orangey fake cheese + warm & moist burger bun & egg. I went back to McD's 2 weeks ago & was dissappointed to find that McEgg is now half its original size :((