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Friday, December 4, 2009

More funny sightings in Sydney;)

"BUTT AID" diaper rash ointment

Optic illusion: "Happy HOOKERS" I mean HOCKERS" signboard

Why on earth would you name a kebab shop "Chicken Spot"???

Funny menu :)

"Salmon avocado big sushi roll"
"Grilled eel big sushi roll"
"Mixed sashimi big sushi roll"

Ok, I know you're like...big ;p
but you don't have to mention it all the time, do you?

Yes, I know they're very fresh

Sleepy sleepy sleepy...zzz
continue later ;p

G'nite, peeps
sweet dreams

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  1. funny, is really funny. Good idea with the 3 pictures.