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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Delucas Cafe, ASB Bank Tower, Albert St, Auckland City

Delucas Cafe is like a woman having her PMS ;p
- unpredictable
sometimes, the food portions are unbelievably huge,
sometimes, they are so tiny...
the prices remain the same - regardless of the portion
the food variety is impressive
but the QC (quality control) is... nada

Sometimes, the food is so good that every bite tastes heavenly
Sometimes, you pay a premium for soggy stuff that are left over from the previous days

The cheese scones on 19th Aug 2009 tasted pretty good

Skip the quiches and pies - too much pastry & too little fillings
The food always look good, though :)

**My sincere apology for the sexist interlude about PMS - in case any of you might have been hurt by the joke ;p
The purpose of this blog is to provide quick entertaining read for web users out there :)

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