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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why I chose Great Eastern Life Insurance :)

I guess I'm really really lucky that my siblings are a techie & a finance expert :)) My bro's an Oracle expert & my sis' did ACCA
Bro's doing some really cool projects at an MNC, sis is a top exec at a public-listed company...
There's always someone to help fix the modem/broadband, format com hard disk, telling me what shares/bonds to buy, & which life insurance to choose :) :) :)

When it was my turn to buy a life insurance, I just asked my sis
She calculated & compared the present/future value of dozens of life insurance packages and came up with the conclusion that Great Eastern Life's the best

(I have a complaint though. The Policy Certificate looks so dull, gloomy... it almost looks like a death certificate, touchwood. *cringe* Geez, can't you guys whaking come up with a more colourful design? I know, we all buy life insurance for "that reason"...but c'mon, the policy cert design doesn't have to reflect that!)

By the way, Great Eastern Life is not paying me to endorse their products
I'm just sharing some useful info with you guys, just in case you're shopping for a life insurance & don't have anyone to rely on for advise, apart from insurance agents

I would have bought AIA's insurance had it not been because of my sis' due diligence
cuz AIA's Sales team is excellent
I'm have a soft spot for good customer service...
would I have regretted if I had bought AIA?
I don't know ;)
...umm, if I know for sure that Uncle Sam's gonna bail us out forever, then I'd probably go for AIA

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