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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kings Cross: Journey to... Enlightenment :P

Kings Cross is such a unique place :) hehe
Came across a Book Exchange store that isn't exactly a "book exchange" store

No books (Errm, who'd bother to read books when they can get free porn vid clips on YouTube?;p)
Just some comfy looking footwear cheekily named "Big Tits Slippers" ;p

Also came across a Tool Shed that's quite unlike other toolsheds I've seen in my life

Oh yes, you can find a wide array of tools in there
-eg, a rubber duckie ;p

Yes, rubber duckie ;p
I find it very ironic...
that an adult toy shop is selling kids' toys (I was expecting something more 'adult'... like kangaroo scrotums)

and that a sundry shop sells penis-shaped water guns (below). Ermm, wtf?

Lol :), why would an adult want a rubber duckie?
why would a 3-year-old boy want a penis-shaped water gun?

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