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Friday, December 4, 2009

'Sun-Maid girl' makeover sparks controversy

Hey peeps, I'm now indulging in trashy news & enjoying every single moment of it:)
A quick run-through on what's new on Yahoo Finance
- the Sun Maid raisin girl's new look :)

I absolutely love it!:)
but the new makeover has drawn criticisms ..."that the newly made-over raisin girl looks like a Barbie Doll in Amish attire" (by the way, what's Amish?;p Google l8er)

The blog for conservative magazine The Weekly Standard noted that the new Sun-Maid girl looks "as if Julia Roberts decided to don a red bonnet and start picking grapes,"
(Hey, what's wrong with that? I absolutely like Julia Roberts. She's the perfect actress- perfect voice, good looks & good acting skills)
while the feminist website Jezebel.com remarked that it looks as if she's had “some implants.”
(Ok... girls, I think having implants is a sign of female liberation. So, don't get all upset. Guys have pec implants too, don't they? but it doesn't make them any less disempowered)

Since 1915, the face of Sun-Maid has been Lorraine Collett Petersen, who, according to the company's website , "was discovered drying her black hair curls in the sunny backyard of her parents' home in Fresno, California."
Petersen was then asked to pose for a watercolor painting holding a basket of grapes while wearing a sunbonnet.
In the years since, the company has tweaked its trademark design occasionally to keep up with the times, but every variation has always been based on the original pose by Petersen.
While the Sun Maid girl had a "makeover", Kim Kardashian had a "makeunder"
Don't know who Kim is but have seen her pics in girly mags like New Idea while waiting for my turn in supermarkets & thought she has nice boobs

I think she looks even better without heavy make-up
A bit like an exotic Middle Eastern belly dancer

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  1. giving the new Sun-Girl a makeover is probably a good idea since she has looked the same for the last 37 years