:p I regret most of the content/jokes here. 40% of which are cringe-worthy. This is not a blog that I'd want my nephews/nieces ...or anyone to read, actually. but it's still up here because of sentimental reasons. The blog took a lot of time to build & I just don't have the heart to delete it. If you do find the jokes funny - I'm happy to know that they're entertaining. Otherwise, here's a more "proper" one http://coffee-choc.blogspot.com ...prob not as funny, mainly about chocolates and coffee and food & music

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cousin and nephews :)

Was mucking around with my cousin & nephews :)

My cousin (Trist) from Cheras & my sis' 9-year -old son (Meng Kit) :)

Meng Kit's brother, Meng Jun - watching tv
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  1. The most noisy boy but don't like noise trying to shut out all noises now!

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