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Monday, June 2, 2008

Al Diafah Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Hafiz greeting patrons with the refreshing scent of kemenyan-like incense

Impressive deco!
Gahwa and Mariami Dates
I was very surprised when Hafiz told me that gahwa is a variation of coffee drinks. I could hardly tell. It tastes like hot ginger tea, and has none of the bitter taste (& the bewitching aroma) of coffee. Gahwa is brewed using raw, unroasted coffee beans.
This tangy salad is indeed a health freak's best friend:-)
Tabouleh is a combination of finely chopped herbs and vegetables (parsley, tomatoes, onions and garlic), drizzled with fresh lemon juice and a bit of olive oil.
Tabouleh's definitely much more healthier than the usual mayonnaise-soaked salads.
Mendy Lamb with Al Diafah Rice
This is another one of my favourites; lean yet juicy, well-marinated, and so tender that I could even prick a fork right through that piece of delicious meat.
Pita bread


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