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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tamale Pie : definitely the best Mexican dish :)

Being a great fan of Mexican food, I was delighted to have discovered Gourmet Express while shopping at Kahala Mall, Honolulu. While Mexican restaurants are aplenty in Oahu, Hawaii (Chilli's, TGIF, & other taco places), none have tamale pie on the menu.
Ah... Gourmet Express is not a typical Mexican fast food place. GE serves turkey dishes (turkey meatballs, turkey enchiladas) & the best Tamale Pie in Oahu! :-)

Veggie Tamale Pie layered with Spinach Tortilla and Mozzarella Cheese

The pie was served with two generous servings of side dishes - roasted vege & lemon-flavored couscous.

Gourmet Express at Kahala Mall offers a offers quick healthy and made to order meals.

Turkey meatballs serve with Tofu Poke, brown rice & salad

Fresh tofu salad - MSG-free:)

Grilled Opakapaka fish served with vegetarian couscous, fresh salad & tomato salsa


  1. Hah!.. I'm going to Hawaii in Sept. Gotta try all these, man

  2. I also wanna go to Hawaii!!! U help me ask Gourmet Express to sponsor free food, k???;-)