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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

University of Hawaii, Manoa (Honolulu)

UH (Manoa) is one of the must-visit places in Honolulu :-) It's one of the most beautiful uni campuses I've ever seen. To all backpackers - good news! There's free internet access in the "Hamilton Library" of UH (There are 3 libraries at the campus)
Here are some pics of the campus:-)

Hina O Na Lani Sculpture
On the Campus Road side (map) of Campus Center you find a very interesting sculpture. This sculpture is named "Hina O Na Lani", which means Mother of the Universe in Hawaiian. It was created by UH Art Department graduate Gregory Clurman.

"Hina O Na Lani" is a signifier of "fertility"

sculptures, sculptures & sculptures in every nook and corner :)

student residential units/dorms

one of the large theatres/auditoriums

a 'cooking' area - outdoor-kitchen, sort of

large trees :)

colourful birds at the field in front of the campus :)
If you sit on teh ground/read a book, they'll come up to you

tropical plants :)

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  1. I came across the sculpture of the three bronze figures on Dole Street by the School of Law with my college freshman at night. As we are from the east coast and were relishing Hawaii's great weather, I was not expecting something so seemingly out of place - these figures dressed for the cold and wet, and looking as if they'd just come through an argument. It's enough to make anyone jay walk!