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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sentidos Tapas & Enak @ Starhill Gallery

The food quality at Enak Restaurant is disappointing

I was there for lunch in June (2008) with fellow seminar delegates, and we were served

a) room temperature chicken curry
The meat was dry and tasteless - not fresh

b) cold & hard beef/lamb
I couldn't tell what they were - some chewy, dark brown stuff
* Again, room temperature

At least, the eggplants weren't inedible. But, they're not served warm, and not half as good as the ones in Esquire Kitchen (& I'm not even a fan of Esquire Kitchen's high MSG stuff)

The deco's nice, though:-)

The food at Sentidos Tapas were slightly more edible. However, the buffet spread wasn't exciting. Only pasta and different varieties of sauce - tomato sauce, cheese sauce, mushroom sauce.

Sentidos Tapas could have served better food but probably didn't bother to, becuase we were not walk-in diners. Isn't that awful?

Now, La Cocina in USJ is a much better Spanish restaurant:-)

We went to Shrooms on the 3rd day of the conference - great food, great service;-) yummy walnut dessert
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  1. Yep, Shrooms is not bad. But I prefer the restaurants in One Bangsar. La Cocina's good, & they have Salsa night too

  2. Who's that leng chai beside u? Since when you got a Malay boy boy geh???;-) hehe

  3. Haish, not my bf, k. I was just put in charge 'babysitting' ;p one of the director's son. 18-yr old, but very street smart (uh oh, I think my boss is reading this)