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Monday, June 2, 2008

'Dim Sum's without pork-fat cubes

Having been brought up alongside the Chinese yum cha culture, wherein Sunday morning breakfasts are about 'dim sums and chinese tea', I have grown somewhat immuned to the intrigues of dim sums.

For the past 5 years, I have hardly uttered "wahlauyeh" more than twice, over a meal of dim sum specialties.

Reasons: Being a healthy-eater, I hate MSG-laden stuffs. I also have a very strong psychological reaction to pork-fat cubes, and will spend minutes separating those crystalline substance from a char siew pau or siew mai before attempting a bite. What irks me most is the sight of prawn intestines in har mais (prawn dumplings). Eewww!

So, imagine my delight at having had a very "wahlauyeh" dining experience at the Luk Yu Tea House (located at the Starhill Gallery).
a) Very little MSG content.
b) No prawn intestines brought to our dining table
c) No unsightly fat cubes in my siew mai and wu kok (fried yam puff)
d) Pure, fragrant, unadulterated chinese tea (This is a must for my Dad!)

Fried Squid with Dried Chillies and Cashew Nuts in Toro Basket


Piping hot yam dough served with a generous topping of crunchy cashew nuts.
Yum. Yum. Yummmm Seng!

Deep-fried Yam Puff with Chicken and Mushrooms

Soft and creamy yam paste oozes out of the crispy outer layer, as you sink your teeth into this delicious goodie. Fragrant, light brownish filling (unlike the usual kicap-infused variety) minus the gooey pork-fat cubes. Thank heavens, Luk Yu chefs do not have the habit of substituting pork-fat with chicken skins.

Steamed Shanghainese Crabmeat Dumpling "xiao long pau"

So good... that I even ate the dainty piece of cabbage placed undearneath the xiao long paus.

Steamed Chicken and Prawns Dumplings "siew mai"

No pork fat cubes and excessive salt and MSG. Fresh and 'unadulterated' prawns!

The prawns in almost all dim sum dishes I have tried in Malaysia have got a very unnatural cruchiness - somewhat like the texture of jellyfish.

Could that have been the work of some food preservatives (e.g. boric acid)? Well, I do not know. I don't really wish to know, either.

Anyhow, I hope my guess is wrong.

Pan-fried Shanghainese Dumpling with Chicken


This is a must-try!

Generous amount of chicken meat and herb wrapped in freshly-made gyouza skin.

Finally, I have found gyouzas that do not make me cringe!

Luk Yu's gyouzas do not
a) drip with oil
b) squirt oily brine when you bite into it
c) have the bitter alkali taste of the usual gyouzas

It is a public misconception that halal dim sums are inferior to non-halal dim sums, as how chick-kut-teh is inferior to bak-kut-teh.

Well, I beg to differ.

Luk Yu Tea House has tried, very successfully, to make yum cha an enjoyable experience for the Muslim community and us health freaks in Malaysia.


  1. I'm hungry!! Nice pics ;-) they look so tasty...

  2. Dim Sum is my favourite food for breafast or lunch. However the best dim sum are still from Hong Kong and China especially in Guangzhou.Luk Yu dim sum in Hong Kong was one of those best restaurant that could offer best dim sum.In fact when I come to know about the K.L. Luk Yu tea house I immeadiatelt went to try the next day. Being Halal without pork I consider it is stil the best so far in K.L but still not as good as the one in HKG or any other famous restaurants serving very good dim sum.However in K.L you cannot find any good dim sum even from 4-5 star hotels.Those restaurants operating from shop lot are the worse where they did not even know that dim sum must be serve hot at all times whether it steam, deep fry or stir fry. Most of the dim sum are cold by the time it reaches you since it was being carry around by tray. Some better restaurants in Hotels use the trolley with steaming apparatus but again this was seldom use. Those fry dim sum are bing serve without a warmer however the best fry dim sum are those straight from the wok.Supprisngly these restaurants are normally crowded with guests it look like Malaysian do know how to eat dim sum.

  3. The egg tarts are my fav... & the prawn rolls. Yum yum. The chinese jasmine tea is unique, but too pricey