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Monday, June 2, 2008

'Popia' spring rolls

Gosh! I miss those days when Mum and I would make 'popia' (spring rolls) for the family on weekends.

Pic 1: Ingredients for 'popia'

Clockwise, from bottom Left: Lettuce, Fried onions, chopped peanuts, beancurd (grilled and shredded), 'char siew' (roasted pork), carrots, eggs, bolied shredded yambeans, and 'popia' wraps

What is Popia?

Popia is a type of chinese spring roll with a very flat and thin surface, and round in shape. It's tasteless unless you stuffed it with ingredients on your choice, turning it into a delicious spring roll.

The most popular fillings are like yam bean, salad, bean sprouts, carrots, etc. It used to be a Chinese favorite. But now, even the Malays are trying their ways to make the food in their own style. There is just no right or wrong method in making a tasty food in Malaysia sometimes.

Similar food in other cuisines include the Filipino variant referred to as Lumpiang Sariwa, fried spring rolls (Chinese) and fajitas (Tex-Mex). In Vietnam, bò bía is the Vietnamese version of popiah, introduced by Teochew (Chaozhou) immigrants.

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