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Monday, January 4, 2010

A bar named THE CLINIC :) (but it looks more like a hospital)

(Source:  www.singapore.com)
"Clinic’s unique alfresco is easily identified by its hospital whites, colourful pills, syringes, drips, test-tubes and paraphernalia in all manner of the clinical, all in tribute to the tongue-in-cheek pop art of Damien Hirst.

The mood is at once controversial and conspiratorial. If you’re in on the joke, the ironic pharma-kitsch décor will appeal to you.

The diverse space allows a crowd with varied tastes to enjoy their own brand of entertainment."

If you wish, you can even opt to be drip-fed
(Just kidding ;p)

Location: Block 3C River Valley Road,
#01-03 The Cannery,
Clarke Quay
Tel: +65 6887 3733
Open: 17:30 - late

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  1. I've been a patient there :) A most interesting idea!!