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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good sauce, but... "obituary-style' packaging

Remember the yummy Whittaker's chocolates and J.H. Whittaker's mugshot? :)

Well, here's one of my favourite chilli sauce brand- "Lao Gan Ma" (Old Step Mum) which also has a similar obituary-style packaging

Most of the products with obituary-style packaging seem to be good, eh?
What an eerie coincidence!;p


  1. Love this brand!, at least three jars in my fridge are haunted by this man's pallid features

  2. Wait a min,... all these while I thought it's a woman...

  3. Yeah, nah you are probably right, I actually had a pretty close look before my comment, but could not decide either way. I'm glad I will know what to ask for next time i visit the Silver Bell though "Lao Gan Ma" they will still probably look at me as if i was a 愚蠢 外国人