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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Umeke Market & Deli, Honolulu

Umeke Market Deli is my favourite place for yummy organic food :)
The food's so good that I went there at least 5 times!

My favourites: Tofu lasagna, spinach casserole, turkey meatloaf & "Naked" natural fruit juice ;p
(Yes, it's 100% natural! Preservative free. Unlike "Simply Squeezed" - the organic impostor)

For those of you who wonder what Umeke means, it is the Hawaiian word for "calabash". It literally can be translated to mean "wooden bowl". In ancient times, Hawaiians used the umekes for medicinal purposes as well as for cooking. Nowadays, umekes are often given as gifts or awards in both cultural and business gatherings. Umekes are also used for keeping favorite items (e.g. small keepsakes and treasures).

The deli section at Umeke, filled with dozens of salads and side dishes

Preservative-free pomegranate & blueberry juice

Trying out the yummy Free-range Chicken Curry Salad

(Cotton shirt by Arcadia, Sunglasses by Elle)

Clockwise, from top left: (1) Free-range Chicken Curry Salad, Squash & Butternut Casserole, Turkey Meatloaf

Clockwise, from top left: (1) Turkey Meatloaf, (2) Spinach Ricotta Casserole, and (3) Grilled Veggie Lasagna

Parking space for "bicycles" :)

Umeke Market is located along the Kalanianaole Highway (nearby Kahala Mall).
Address: 4400 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu

Plenty of parking spaces for cars too!

Umeke Market and Deli is a family owned and operated business by husband and wife team, Daryl and Michelle Yamaguchi and sister, Debbie Yamaguchi. The Yamaguchi family has had long-standing roots in the Hawaii food industry, as far back and the mid 40's. Their grandparents operated the "E.S. Yamaguchi Family Market" in the old Farmer's market building in Kakaako.
Daryl and Debbie Yamaguchi opened the Kaimuki Health Market in 1997 and have grown and renamed the business and added Michelle's expertise in the kitchen as a mainstay of their deli. Michelle has created many tasty and delicious menu items, including her own recipe for her tantalizing "veggie burger", the ever so popular Turkey Focaccia Sandwich, Chicken Adobo and Veggie Foccacia Sandwich.

Articles about Umeke Market & Deli:




  1. Umeke sounds like a Japanese word

  2. Omg... keke, 'Naked' fruit juice brand?

  3. This is absolutely delicious! Great to find it here!

  4. Hi... I was looking at some of your photos and found a lot with very tasty food, what made me hungry :). Why are you putting ones like this? that's cruel... ;)

  5. turkey is awesome...but have you ever tried ostrich? it's sooooo good!

  6. Oh Umeke Deli reminds me of that cute cafe inside Queen's Arcade in Auckland. Love the food there. Oh yes:) tried ostrich in Genting Highlands - a popular tourist spot in Msia. It's something like the Msian version of Las Vegas - albeit a much smaller one. I'd love to try "turbaconucken" - turkey, bacon, duck, chicken :)

  7. love it ay, i keep posting this to my vegetarian mates just to piss em off -> http://bacontoday.com/turbaconducken-turducken-wrapped-in-bacon/

    oh, that reminds me of this classic here -> http://xkcd.com/418/

  8. Yum. I want to try all the awesome dishes you post; ))

  9. I'm not a choosy eater. Each of the items above cost between $4-8, but they're fresh, served hot & I like em :) Even a simple H&H's bagels make me happy :)) but I like the savoury stuff, not the sweet ones