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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where to get FREE INTERNET in Auckland City

In Auckland, free internet is non-existent.
Not even at Starbucks or McDonald's
At most, you can get 1-hour free wi-fi at Esquires Coffee outlets
But even then, it's not entirely free
You only get 1 hour internet usage with every purchase

So, I was really happy when I chanced upon a secret hideout that offers 15 minutes free internet ;)
(Well, 15 minutes is better than nothing, eh?)

It's a shop called "Queen's Digital World" - located on Queen Street, of course :)

Lot No. 25...

Dear Aucklanders, ...enjoy a bit of free web surfing while it lasts ;) hehe
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  1. Auckland city must be very poor not able to provide free internet like our cafe, in fact to get business all the cafe including local and foreign branded one need to provide free internet.

  2. Wi-fi is available at Starbucks, but you need to pay a sucscription fee