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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I grew up with Muslims & Christians...

I don't understand the uproar & the Molotov cocktail bomb attacks in Taiping following the court ruling pertaining to the use of the word "Allah".

I don't know who these terrorists are.
They are totally unlike my Muslim friends.

Religion has never been a big issue throughout my life...
My Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist friends get along perfectly well with each other
- In Malaysia, this sense of oneness regardless of ethnicity & religion is known as "Muhibbah" (Arabic)

I went to a "Convent" girls school in Brickfields (an Indian town in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), where 80% of the students were Muslims
- we played and eat together
I ate pork, they ate beef
I attended their religious classes out of curiosity
They taught me how to pronounce the word "Allah" correctly
They also taught me simple Arabic

We remain good friends up till today...

At our Malay friend's wedding... :)

We even wore the same navy blue dress back in school :) :)

So, who are those terrorists who bomb innocent people?
What's Taliban? Who are they?

They are definitely not the same kind of Muslims my friends are.