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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How I ALMOST ate DOG FOOD (Chocolates) ;p

By now you probably know that I love chocolates, especially dark ones;p

So, it's perhaps not a very surprising revelation that I almost ate Home Brand's "Choc Drops" for dogs.
Hey, it's not that I'm dumb...but the Choc Drops were placed at the mini shelves near the cashier, where you'd normally find food items FOR HUMAN like "chocolates", mint, chewing gums...

Hence, when I was waiting for my turn to pay for grocery items while shopping in Foodtown (now taken over by Countdown), Quay St (Auckland) I almost picked up a box of these...

...until I spotted the other items besides the Home Brand Choc Drops

So... I really am not that dumb... ;p
Or at least I refuse to believe it

I mean, Home Brand is a brand that I'd normally associate with "human food items" like butter...

cheddar cheese

self-raising flour

but not dog food!!!

Ok... Home Brand, I'm overreacting ;p
You are most entitled to carry any types of products you wish - be it for human, cats or dogs...

But FoodTown or Countdown really shouldn't put that stuff here! LOL :)

....especially above Watties' stuff


  1. Homebrand!

    Nostalgic! I used to buy their milk & toiletpaper. Cheap & good best describes their stuff! hahahaaa... =PpPpP

  2. I actually thought that the top half of the dog head's a picture of the choc... well, until I bent down & looked more closely. I probably wasn't the only person who's fooled