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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A drink called FumFum?? :)

I'd regard cocktail names like Singapore Sling and Bloody Mary as pretty adventurous... but Fum Fum?;p
It's way too extraordinary & umm... naughty :p

Well, TEZA Co. invented a new tangy cocktail recipe and gave it a very sexual name - "Fum Fum" :P
It's a combination of the work "fuck" + "cum" = Fum
Even if it tastes really good, when I go to a bar I don't think I'd be bold enough to say, "Can I have a glass of Fum Fum, please?"

But then again, it's an interesting drink to have if you're having a party at home... or wedding/birthday function :)
So, I'm now gonna share the recipe with you...

This is the new funky layout of Teza's interactive website

...and this is the recipe for FumFum. Just click on it if you'd like to view it.
I'm too lazy to transcribe the recipe :P

You'll need a carton of Teza's "Lemon Mandarin"

Well, my favourite Teza drink is Velvetberry :)
...or Velvel Underground

Website: http://www.teza.co.nz/
Email: teza@greenstonedrinks.co.nz


  1. That sounds kinda gross. Yuck! Can't be very good.(

  2. if you like lemon you'll probably like Fum Fum. I prefer berrries

  3. Lemon? Meh, I dunno. I'd have to try it. It would be more fun to invent your own lemon drink ( or which ever you prefer) and see how that goes. )

  4. what a name..wow..i wanna try that drink now ;)