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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My personal trainer's blog :) - aprilsiow.net

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce all of you to my favourite personal trainer - April
- and to congratulate her on the official launch of  Aprilsiow.net

She's the epitome of a modern woman - smart (Economics grad), adventurous, healthy, independent, steroid-free... etc (I can go on & on)

Oh, she has climbed Mount Kinabalu too!
(Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in South East Asia)

What I like most is that she achieved her toned body through "real" and "realistic" workout regimes
- not with the aide of performance enhancement drugs and freakish Hollywood-like fitness obsessions (ie, Demi Moore & Victoria Beckham)
- no bulimia, no anorexia, no bygarexia

Omg...I wish I can jump like that too...

I don't choose my fitness role model based on the size of their muscles
I don't see The Rock (Dwayne Johnston) as a fitness role model

I see Tom Welling (Smallville actor) as a better male fitness role model


I also don't see Pamela Anderson as a healthy role model
I don't even see her as a sex symbol
Gosh, if I were a guy I'd much rather squeeze some smaller boobs as long as they're real & I won't have to worry that the implants are gonna burst

I prefer April's holistic approach to health & fitness
& body too
(no fake boobs, fake pecs, bicep implants & whatnot)

To her, health & fitness is not a fad
It's not an obsession
It's just...a lifestyle
& a very good one :)


  1. OMG Charmaine.....! nobody has ever done this before...thank you dear...!! so sweet! =D

    lotsa love!

  2. I have a personnel trainer to! Comes in a 12oz bottle with a label that says Anchor Steam :P Ah, San Francisco's finest. The micro-brewery before there were micro-brewery's!

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