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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Condom-like stationery called "Thimblette" ;p

Chanced upon the "improved versions" of the originals;p

Snapshots of Auckland is proud to present the
2009/2010 Winter Collection of condoms thimblettes, I mean

1) Light blue ribbed and dotted thimblette with holes

2) There are even some colourful breast pouches to go along with the condoms ;p

3) the transparent & ultra-thin versions...
Oh, they glow in the dark too ;) hehe

Bigger sizes

Errm... these ones look like they've been used before... :P

Thimblettes' other name - Finger Sack
(errm...can someone please come up with a better name? Finger Sack is sooo unromantic)


  1. what is the use of thimblettes or finger sack while performing sexual act?

  2. Well... the name is a direct translation of the Japanese. In Japanese (yubi-sakku), it sounds cute. Clearly, that doesn't translate well. :)

  3. Aiyoyo it easy just buy some and try it out yourself!