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Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh I LOVE hair extensions :)))

My apologies for sounding like an airhead today ;p
I can't help it... I'm just a girl, hehe

So, there you have it - I love hair extensions!! :)
Absolutely love them

You can wear them any way you like, without having to worry about damaging your hair
You can have them combed out straight...

Or curled

or wear them up in a ponytail

have your hair short 1 day

...and long the next day
 Oh, don't you love hair extensions? :)
Well, if you ever think about getting hair extensions, go for "real" human hair :)
don't ever ever get synthetic stuff
Real human hair doesn't tangle easily
You can also use curling thongs & straighteners for DIY hairstyling :) without worrying about melting the extensions

There are many methods of hair extensions
a) glue-in
b) weaved
c) micro-rings

I had the micro-ring extensions :)
which are probably the best method (if you wish to avoid having your oen hair damaged)
I won't recommend glueing
I certainly won't recommend weaving
(lasts longer - up to 6 months. But your own hair will be pulled out if you handle it a bit too roughly)


  1. Blogs aren't normally my thing but I find your's to be a good match with my humour.

    Oh, and your hair extensions look great.

  2. you, my dear, are rather gorgeous actually. not hitting on you, just mentioning