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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Funny looking Monkfish @ Sydney Fish Market

Monkfish is the "cutest" fish specie that I've ever seen...
yes, "cute"
(Cute: ugly but adorable [Oxford dictionary]) ;p
I wonder what it tastes like...
Huge upturned mouth...
- it has this perpetual "sad" look
but to me, that's what makes the monkfish so endearing
you see, it has such an unhappy-looking face that I almost felt obligated to cuddle it in my arms

There are at least 5 seafood retailers @ Sydney Fish Market
- but the biggest & busiest one is probably Claudio's

Apart from monkfish, you can find the more usual types of seafood like.. umm, Salmon heads...hehe:)
(at least, these are my favourites)

Moreton Bay bugs... (they taste somewhat like lobsters)

There's a vege/fruit shop in the building that sells pumpkins for 99 cents each
& a few cafes/restaurants that offers outdoor dining (famous for Fish n Chips), where you can eat alongside the greedy seagulls ;p
There's also a gourmet shop (Blackwattle Deli) that sells cheese, wine, organic pasta, homemade sauce... etc etc
"Sydney Fish Market was established by the NSW Government in 1945.

SFM is the largest market of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and the world's second largest seafood market in terms of variety outside of Japan, SFM auctions over 100 species daily.

Sourcing product both nationally and internationally, SFM trades over 13,000 tonnes of seafood annually."

(Source: www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au)


  1. Such fresh seafood are you MuM favourite, Chinese New Year just next month all the seafood frozen here with preservative etc added by wholesalers as they starting collecting and keeping stock at least 6 mths ago .... selling sky high.

  2. Ugh! I thought those women were paying me a complement when they said "he's so cute"....
    Alas, time to go pout.

  3. Haha... we don't really mean "ugly but adorable" when we use the word "cute" for guys